Everything is Nothing until Nothing Became Everything

Everyone dreams of a better life, a better world to live in, all that bullshit, I just need to find a cup of hot coffee, some snacks, and a bottle of water, tonight the weather is as usual, dry and gloomy, my mangaep came , everything is not there until I have a cup of coffee, I see your face in the shadow, you look tired and unhappy.

Listen to the music, and start closing my eyes, I see you again in my dream, “You need help?” no answer, two hours later, i wake up in the middle of the night, nothing remains, only longing and emptiness.

Yesterday was a very nice day, but not today.

Because everything is nothing, until nothing becomes everything, maybe yes, maybe not, don’t forget to dream and sleep, nothing will help you, but yourself, time is running around, and I’m just walking on the spot.